Cupaniopsis anacardioides


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Cupaniopsis anacardioides
Carrotwood Tree

Mature Height: 30’-40’
Mature Width: 30’-40’

Cupaniopsis anacardioides, also known as Carrotwood, is a species of evergreen tree native to Australia. It can grow up to 30-40 ft tall, it has a spreading crown, and a rough, flaky bark that can range in color from gray to orange-brown. The leaves are glossy and dark green, with a slightly serrated margin. In spring and summer, it produces small white flowers followed by small, edible, orange-red fruit. It prefers well-drained soil, and it can be grown in full sun or partial shade. It is hardy in USDA zones 9-11. It is considered a drought-tolerant tree, and it is often used in landscaping, as a street tree or in parks.

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