Eschscholzia californica

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Eschscholzia californica
California Poppy

Mature Height: 10″-12″
Mature Width: 1’-2’

Eschscholzia californica, commonly known as California poppy, is a native wildflower celebrated for its vibrant orange to golden-yellow flowers and feathery blue-green foliage. Thriving in California’s Mediterranean climate, it blooms profusely in spring and early summer after winter rains. California poppies grow in compact clumps and are well-suited to various habitats, including grasslands, meadows, and roadsides. They are valued for their ornamental beauty, drought tolerance, and ability to attract pollinators. As the state flower of California, they hold cultural significance and are emblematic of the region’s natural splendor. Overall, California poppies are cherished for their resilience and ecological importance, making them a beloved symbol of native landscapes and a popular choice for gardens and wildflower meadows.

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