Fragaria chiloensis

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Fragaria chiloensis
Beach Strawberry

Mature Height: 4″-8″
Mature Width: 2’-4’

Fragaria chiloensis, commonly known as beach strawberry or coastal strawberry, is a species native to coastal regions of North and South America. It is characterized by its low-growing habit and spreading runners. The fruits of Fragaria chiloensis are small, flavorful, and typically red when ripe, though they can also be white or yellow. Beach strawberries are prized for their sweet taste and aromatic fragrance, making them popular for fresh consumption and culinary uses. They thrive in sandy or well-drained soils with full sun exposure, often found in coastal dunes and scrub habitats. Valued for its tasty fruits, adaptability, and ecological role, Fragaria chiloensis is a beloved component of coastal ecosystems and a favored choice for home gardens.

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