Romneya coulteri

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Romneya coulteri
Matilija Poppy

Mature Height: 6’-8’
Mature Width: 15’-20’

Romneya coulteri, also known as Matilija poppy or fried egg flower, is a stunning perennial plant native to Southern California and Northern Mexico. It is recognized for its large, showy white flowers with prominent yellow centers, resembling fried eggs. Matilija poppy grows in clumps, reaching heights of 6-8 feet, with flowers spanning up to 9 inches in diameter. Thriving in sunny, dry conditions, it is often found in coastal scrub and chaparral habitats. prized for its ornamental value, it is a favorite among gardeners despite its challenging growth requirements and tendency to spread aggressively. Overall, Matilija poppy is celebrated for its breathtaking beauty and unique appearance in California’s native flora and cultivated landscapes.

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