Satureja douglasii

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Satureja douglasii
Yerba Buena

Mature Height: 3″-6″
Mature Width: 1’-3’

Satureja douglasii, commonly known as Yerba Buena, is an aromatic herb native to western North America, particularly California and Oregon. It features small, serrated leaves and trailing growth, often found in shaded, moist habitats like woodlands and streambanks. Yerba Buena is valued for its minty flavor and fragrance, reminiscent of peppermint or spearmint, and has a history of medicinal use among indigenous peoples. It produces clusters of white to lavender flowers in summer, attracting pollinators. Yerba Buena is popular as a culinary herb and for making herbal remedies and aromatic oils, making it a cherished addition to gardens and landscapes for its versatility and aromatic qualities.

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